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About Us

PrimeTime Baseball is a non-profit 501c(3) organization currently operating in both the Katy, TX and Cypress, TX areas. PTB was founded by two former professional baseball players who envisioned a truly professional organization both on and off the field. Our organization prides itself on offering the most professional instruction, coaching and player development for all ages and skill levels. Our teams will be developed through specific on and off field programs that will eventually lead not only to competitive and successful teams, but players as well. PrimeTime Baseball offers a wide range of services that promote the total baseball player. Our staff is comprised of coaches from various backgrounds, regions and positional expertise which allows our players to be exposed to a wealth of knowledge and information on the baseball field. Our teams are formed for the purpose of facilitating competitive environments in which our players can continue to learn and test their development each day. We will also offer a variety of camps and position specific clinics. For inquiries about PrimeTime Baseball, our services or instructors please visit our Contact Us page.
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